About me

Date of birth: April 21, 1982
Place of residence: Gabrje
Height: 183
Weight: 62 kg
Cycling since: 1993
Former teams: Krka, Krka-Telekom, Phonak
Member of: KK Adria Mobil
Nickname: Nosko

I come from a small village of Gabrje, at the foot of the Gorjanci mountain range. I was born on April 21, 1982, to my mother Jožica and father Franc and I also have one older sister named Nataša. I loved sports as a child and the bike was a part of our luggage on every family vacation.

I started cycling more seriously in 1993, when I became a member of the cycling team Krka from Novo mesto. My first coach was Franc Zrimšek. I felt a born “mountaineer” as I won the 3rd place at the state championship at Trška gora in the same year.

I achieved a lot in the next years and the credit for it goes to all of my coaches (Franc Zrimšek, Janez Jagodi, Sandi Papež, Bogdan Fink, Milan Eržen and others) to whom I'm deeply grateful as well as to my parents and friends for their support. Of course there would be no results without all the kilometers covered.

In 2000, I won the 5th place at the World Youth Championship in France and two years later the 5th place at the European U23 Championship in Italy. I was a member of the cycling team Krka also in 2004 when I achieved some great results in several races for the World Cup and worked my way into the world of professional teams. In October 2004 I became a member of the Swiss cycling team Phonak. Due to the injuries I couldn’t participate in the biggest championships so I returned to the cycling team Adria Mobil in 2006. I won the Tour de Slovenie in the same year and also the year after. These are the two achievements I’m most proud of. I’m also proud of my fans with whom we celebrated all my successes but who also stood by me in the hardest moments of my career.

During the cycling season I practically have no free time. And when I do I spend it with my friends. In the winter we go skiing and in the summer we go on shorter trips to the seaside. I'm ending my studies at the School of Business and Management in Novo mesto which also takes quite a lot of my free time. When I want some peace I go to my room and I read a good book or a magazine.

I have new goals and great wishes ahead of me that I would like to fulfill. And so do many other cyclists from all over the world. But I believe that with hard work and some luck the dreams can come true.



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